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Venetian Blinds, Geelong, Torquay, Surfcoast and Melbourne

Our Venetian blinds offer you privacy and light filtering throughout the day and night.

The are available in Aluminium, Cedarline, Timberline and Fibrewood we are sure to have something to suit your window.

At DWF Blinds we offer you Vertilux Venetians for an innovative blend of classic style and state of the art engineering, ushering a new era for this time-honoured tradition in window covering.

Available in a wide variety of durable materials, Venetians minimise energy costs by providing excellent insulation in both summer and winter. Our precision engineered components effortlessly position to regulate light, glare and UV penetration.

Maintenance-free components carry a five-year quality guarantee. Slats are designed to compact neatly, reducing stacking-bulk when not in use. Our system is designed for optimum function across spans of up to 3200mm and users may select either standard wand operation, or the unique Vertilux Mono-system.

Our Vertilux Venetian Systems lend themselves perfectly to motorisation for luxury and hard-to-reach applications. Motorised systems can be operated via remote control. Alternatively, Vertilux Venetians can be pre-programmed to self-operate at desired times of the day or night.

We at DWF Blinds service Geelong, Surfcoast, Torquay and Melbourne – whether it be for your home, holiday house or office.

Another Stylish Design for your window.

Quick Facts on Venetian Blinds

Recommended for: designs that require a modern update to a contemporary design. Very suitable for shaped windows.
Maximum width: varies, dependant on the system being used
Available systems: Aluminium: 16mm and 25mm Easytilt, 25mmEasytilt Midnighter, 25mm Monocommand, Double Glazed, 50mm Wideline; Timbers: 50mm Fibrewood, 50mm Timberline, 46, 60 & 84mm Cedarline; Motorised.
Available materials: Aluminum, Cedarline, Timberline, Fibrewood.

Venetian Blinds Systems

Our venetian systems vary depending on thickness of bladed and place of application. Venetian blinds also improve household energy efficiency and offer protection from harmful UV rays.

25mm Easytilt Venetian Blind System 2.1A

Our 25mm Easytilt Venetian Blind System’s mechanism allows the blind to go from fully opened to fully closed in just two and a half turns of the wand.

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